PDF scannerWith the PDF scanner software Z-Scan2Send, documents can be scanned quickly and easily and optionally output as PDF/TIFF/ZIP files and sent as e-mail.

Scanner Types

The software has extensive setting options for scanners with Twain interface. But also scanners with automatic paper pull (ADF support) can be controlled and used with Z-Scan2Send.

The software is an optimal addition to multifunction devices (scanning, printing, faxing) for Windows from XP to 11 as well as Windows Server 2022.

Operation of the PDF scanner software

Z-Scan2Send is designed to be compact and clear. This makes navigation from the scan to the finished document very easy. In addition, a PDF manual and online help are available.


PDF Scanner Software

Office Mode

Z-Scan2Send can be switched to office mode. In this mode, you get a simplified program interface that allows you to work quickly, organized with the scanner, printer or fax machine.

Scanner Software

PDF Scanner Software – Features
  • Scan to TIFF
  • Multipage TIFF
  • Scan to PDF
  • Multipage PDF
  • PDF Password Protection
  • Automated e-mail dispatch
  • SFTP/FTP/FTPS sending
  • FAX Shipping
  • Logbook function
  • OCR recognition
  • Sign PDF
  • ZIP function
  • ZIP password protection (AES 256-bit)
  • self-extracting ZIP archive (e.B. for the USB stick)
  • Automated file naming
  • Blank Page Detection
  • ADF support (automatic document feeder)
  • Twain Compatible

PDF Software Features

Scanner Software

Password protection for PDF and ZIP files

Confidential documents can be protected with a password. Different security levels are available for password encryption.

PDF Batch Processing

With the PDF scanner software, up to 50 documents can be scanned and processed at once, depending on the scanner.

You can attach or delete PDF pages in an existing PDF file. In this way, existing PDF documents can be supplemented or edited afterwards.

Send PDF by e-mail

Via a built-in interface, the PDF scanner software can send the created PDF/TIFF/ZIP files in an e-mail.

Two variants are available: One is the standardized e-mail dispatch from Z-Scan2Send and the e-mail dispatch via an e-mail client installed on the computer.

Send PDF by FAX

If you have a combination scanner (scanning, faxing, printing) in use, you can use scanned PDF documents via an installed FAX printer with Z-Scan2Send for fast FAX sending.

Send PDF via FTP

Via an integrated FTP interface, the created PDF/TIFF/ZIP files can be transferred to a server.

PDF Document Archiving

Files that are no longer needed can be moved to an archive. This archive is useful for simplifying certain work processes.

PDF OCR OCR OCR Recognition

Z-Scan2Send offers fast and effective text recognition (OCR) for scanned PDF documents.

Sign PDF

Users of Z-Scan2Send can sign their documents electronically and thus protect the created PDF documents against subsequent changes (electronic signature).

Shareware Version

Shareware requires fairness from the customer: If you want to use a program beyond the review period or gain access to additional functions, you must register, i.e. you pay a so-called registration fee to the author or to a dealer authorized by him and thus acquire the right to continue using the software.

Z-Scan2Send is activated by e-mail; the serial number of your hardware is also transferred and stored for reasons of copy protection. The licensing takes place per operating system / computer and is linked to the hardware!

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