PDF Scanner Software

Z-Scan2Send is a program for simple, automated scanning and sending of printed documents as PDF files over the Internet.

In addition to sending the PDF file as an e-mail, the program also supports secure file transfer with the SFTP/FTP/FTPS protocol. This enables fast and secure transmission of printed documents, e.B. between branch and company headquarters or self-bookers and tax consultants.

PDF Scanner Software

Send PDF

Once the software has been configured, you can save the scanned template as a PDF file with a mouse click, sign it and send it as an e-mail.

Scan to PDF / TIFF / ZIP

With the Z-Scan2Send software, PDF/TIFF files or encrypted ZIP archives can be created from scanned originals.

Password protection for PDF and ZIP

Z-Scan2Send’s encryption feature gives you the ability to protect confidential documents from access by unauthorized persons. PDF and ZIP archives can optionally be encrypted by Z-Scan2Send using a password you specify. The original content of the encrypted files can then only be extracted after entering the correct password.

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