PDF scannerIf you still find errors or have suggestions for improvement, please e-mail us to our support.

I need help with a program, what now? First, read the online help/guide. If you cannot find any help, please e-mail us to with an exact (!) Description. This includes the error number, error text, if necessary a screenshot, a description of how the error occurred (to understand) and please information about your computer system (operating system, service packs, special features, memory, processor, etc.). The more concrete you become, the sooner a solution is in prospect.

Please provide the following information for e-mail/support requests:

  • Version of the program
  • Operating System / Service Pack
  • Exact error message / log file
  • Description of how to reproduce the error
  • if necessary, a screenshot

Please zip all e-mail attachments (pictures, log files), otherwise it may happen that they are disposed of as spam by my ticket system. A quick assistance is thus unnecessarily delayed. Please understand that it may take a few days to respond to inquiries from unregistered customers.

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